Don't let heat beat your Hyundai car! Take advantage of Hyundai air conditioning repair at Williams Hyundai

In case you hadn't heard, or you happen to have been living in an ice cave up north for the past few months, there's a heatwave sweeping the U.S. this month. And while hardy Michiganders don't let are rarely stymied by anything Mother Nature throws their way, the rising temperatures typically mean you're going to have to use the climate control system in your Hyundai car a bit more often. However, if your Hyundai car has air conditioning issues, it may be in your best interested to pay a visit to our Lansing, MI certified Hyundai service center post haste.

Now, having served Hyundai drivers from Lansing to Ann Arbor for quite a few summers now, our team here at Williams Hyundai is well-acquainted with Hyundai cars inside and out, including some of the common issues folks experience with their heating, air conditioning, and automatic climate control systems.

For example, one of the most complaints we hear from customers is odd odors or weak air flow coming from their air conditioning vents. This can be caused by a number of different things, but most commonly, it's the cabin air filter. It gets saturated with allergens, debris, and contaminants over time, so it's always good to replace the cabin air filter on your Hyundai car roughly once every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.

Another issue we often see during the summer is refrigerant leaks. This little snag can stop your car from cooling, so it's particularly pesky in the summer heat. Refrigerant comes in a lot of different colors, but as with any fluid leak on your car, it's always best to bring it right to a certified Hyundai technician, of which we have many here at our service center near DeWitt and Owosso.

Now, there are any number of other things that might go wrong with you car's air conditioning system over time, but whatever issues you come across, there's always one simple answer: Just bring your car to Williams Hyundai for all your certified Hyundai service needs.

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